Trust, Quality, Elegance


Alahas Diamante, a Dubai-UAE  based and recently established company in the year 2024. Creating its own journey and passion which aiming to leave a mark as one of the world’s most reliable, economical and leading diamond online company. Primary goal is to understand each and every customer’s preference and bring a light-up smile and lasting satisfaction on every women’s face by not hurting anyone’s pocket.


Alahas stands for Trust, Quality & Elegance, and our most important consideration is our customers, the TRUST they give to us is what fuels us a boost to create and invent unique jewellery pieces. Surrounded and worked with diamond expert people in the industry have influenced us to not create merely a jewellery but a jewellery made with QUALITY, being hands-on to each and every detail to meet or even top beyond our clients’ expectation. One of our main goals is to make sure every women has the ELEGANCE with their jewelleries on, to bring confidence and symbol of beauty that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


Alahas Diamante is more focus and expert on Grown Diamonds, creating both classic & exclusive bespoke jewelleries to ensure the customers’ satisfaction and uniqueness as we cater worldwide no matter of wherever you are.




Alahas Diamante future plan is to wide expand and be known as a leading brand worldwide especially in United Arab Emirates. To explore and create various unique economical jewellery pieces that are uncomparable in terms of cost and quality. Building more trust and lasting customer relationship base.

Alahas Diamante